Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our EVIL plan!

So, my dearest love and I have lots of hate in our hearts for lots of things (even though we are really nice people) and one of the things we hate is those family stickers that people put on the backs of their cars.
There are several reasons why we hate these...
First, they are just SO PRECIOUS! (eeeewwwww)
Second, the world is kind of a scary place, and people can find out a lot about you from those stickers.
-Number of family members
-Pets and the likelihood that they might eat a burglar
-Approximate ages of family members
-Hobbies and interests
Not to mention the fact that you can look up any license plate number and get a home address.
So, if I'm a bad guy, I say "Hmm...nice car, no dog, tiny child...look up address...google streetview...kidnap small person get money!"
Lucky for all those people though, neither of us are bad guys, we are Guerrilla Artists!

So, we got to thinking, what can we do to help all these ignorant, trusting people to be safe in this world while also having way too much fun?

Stay tuned!